Ok Taecyeon Psychs Up For Comeback Drama With Lee Yeon Hee Via MBC

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Ok Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee prep up for their small screen return in early 2020.

Coming back from military service, Ok Taecyeon picks a clairvoyant role in The Game: Towards Zero 더 게임: 0시를 향하여 (working title). Meanwhile, Lee Yeon Hee joins him and takes the role of a homicide detective marking her comeback drama after two years.

Targeting early 2020 broadcast, The Game: Towards Zero takes the initial story sketch of a man with the ability to see glimpses of what happened prior to someone’s death. Reminiscent of his Let’s Fight Ghost series in 2016, Ok Taecyeon takes a psychic role for this new venture.

Meanwhile, Lee Yeon Hee suits up for a homicide detective role, who brims with charisma, but carries a deep wound owing to her father’s death when she was young. It will be Lee’s second police role since 2012 SBS drama Ghost. Additionally, it will be her small screen comeback since The Package.

“I was impressed with the positive aspect of Tae Pyeong. He tries not to be in despair of his situation by finding answer to his destiny,” said Taecyeon. Adding his goal to convey subtle changes of his new TV drama character’s emotions, he promises to give his best to showcase his growth as an actor.

Engrossed at the script, Lee said, “The script is really exciting, It has a lot of thrills and I enjoyed it very much.” Refusing to pass on an amazing project, the actress relays to show a different side of her through her new character.

Reuniting since the omnibus film Marriage Blue six years ago, Ok and Lee aims to succeed in their new project. Penning the script is Lee Ji Hyo, who wrote The King of Dramas. Jang Joon Ho of MBC’s Time and Good Thief Bad Thief will direct the production.

Source: iMBC

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