Members of OMEGA X Participate in Soundtrack for New BL Drama “A Shoulder to Cry On”

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Three new tracks from members of OMEGA X highlight A Shoulder to Cry On.

Based on a popular webtoon, the new BL drama, A Shoulder to Cry On, features OMEGA X members Jaehan and Yechan as the two main characters. For the drama’s original soundtrack, OMEGA X members Jaehan and Hangyeom participated in composing, and members Taedong, Xen, Jaehan, and Hwichan participated in the recording.


The first of the three songs is “Come Together,” a rock genre track that was co-composed and performed by OMEGA X’s leader, Jaehan. The song’s focal point is about pure love that will last until the world ends without any conditions.

The second track is “너를 다시 (You, Again),” which again was co-composed by Jaehan and performed by Taedong, Xen, and Jaehan. This song accentuates a strong emotion of love as it escalates to a climax.

Lastly, Hangyeom, along with his composing team WEHOT, wrote “쉬어가도 돼 (Comfort),” which is performed by Jaehan and Hwichan. This song hopes to spread a message of solace to everyone who struggles with their worries and problems.

These three original soundtracks will also be released in English in the hopes that English speakers can fully resonate with the tracks while watching the drama.


OMEGA X is an 11-member K-Pop group. Omega (Ω), the last letter of the Greek alphabet, symbolizes the end, while the letter X denotes the unknown with infinite possibilities. Combined, OMEGA X suggests their determination to become the last boss of K-pop, symbolizing constant change and growth.

All of the members of OMEGA X have previously appeared on reality TV audition programs or debuted with other K-Pop acts, which made OMEGA X their second chance in the K-pop industry. All of the OMEGA X members have their own special stories, and through those stories, they hope that fans can relate and resonate with each member’s personality and music.

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