ONEUS Reveals Celestially Beautiful Official Fandom Name

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ONEUS shows that the amount of love they have for their fans is out-of-this-world with their official fandom name!

Through a recent V Live broadcast and social media announcement, ONEUS has revealed their official fandom name as TO MOON.

Photo from RBW

According to the group, their fandom name represents their fans as the “Moon”, who always orbits ONEUS who are represented by “Earth”.

“We already knew that our fan club name was going to be ‘To Moon’ since Tuesday when we were doing the open broadcast,” Keonhee confessed during their broadcast reveal.

He added, “That’s why when we were doing our outdoor performance, Seoho hyung was suddenly like …” and the group members all pointed upwards, as if calling out to the moon in the night sky.

“The moon was so beautifully big and the air in Jeonju was so nice. The moon was really clear. And Seoho hyung was like, ‘To Moon’. I wanted to greet you too, like ‘Our To Moon’! But I held it in and waited for this day,” Keonhee said.

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ONEUS debuted on 9 January 2019 with the track “Valkyrie”, which is a part of their mini-album titled Light Us. The group consists of six members, namely Ravn, Seonho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion, and they are handled by RBW – the same agency behind power girl group MAMAMOO.

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