ONF Successfully Completes Military Enlistment Together

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The military period is over! ONF is back!

On June 28, WM Entertainment released a group photo of K-Pop boy group ONF, showing the members reunited as one.

ONF is the first idol group to enlist together at the same time, minimizing their hiatus. Starting with MK on June 20, J-Us and Wyatt on June 26, and Hyojin and E-Tionon on June 27, all Korean members who had to fulfill their military duties completed their military service and were discharged.

In the published photo, ONF is gathering again after about a year and a half and greeting each other with bright smiles. In particular, unchanging friendship and teamwork are evident in the members playfully posing while wearing white T-shirts and matching jeans.

Starting with MK, who was discharged first, J-Us and Wyatt sequentially uploaded photos and handwritten letters with Japanese member Yu, touching fans. Next, Hyojin and E-Tion join in to complete the group photo, further raising expectations for the resumption of group activities as well as the second act to unfold together after the discharge.

All members of ONF, except for Japanese member Yu, started their military service around the same time by gathering the opinions of the members to minimize the gap in group activities. During their military service, ONF proved its love for fans by releasing the special album Storage of On and Off, which they had prepared before enlistment, alongside Hyojin’s special single “Loving You.”

Additionally, ONF met fans for the first time at 7:00 pm on the same day, conducting live broadcasts across the world through Weverse Live.

Welcome back ONF!

Source: SpoTV News

Image Credits: WM Entertainment