Ottogi Noodle PD tweets photos of JYJ Yoochun receiving a special bracelet

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JYJ‘s Yoochun is the endorsement model for Ottogi Noodle. On September 4, Ottogi’s PD tweeted a couple of undisclosed photos of Yoochun on the set during the filming of the CF . He received a special designed diamond bracelet from the famous jewel designer RIMM GIOIELLI. The captions read:

Park Yoochun-nim’s Kiseumyeon filming location undisclosed photos release~~(^0^) This is a specially designed diamond bracelet gifted to Park Yoochun-nim by the famed jewel designer RIMM GIOIELLI. Isn’t the pure smile upon receiving the present gorgeous?

Look at Yoochun-nim’s dazzling wrist!!! ^^ Bracelet confirmation shot ~ ~ ♥


Sources: (News & Photos) – jyj3, JYJ official facebook page

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