#OurFirstLoveMinYoongi: The Nine Ways Suga Steals Our Hearts

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As Suga celebrates his birthday, let us recount all the ways we are grateful to get to know someone like him!

Minstradamus, Agust D, Lil Meow Meow— we know him by many names, but he will always be the sweet and fiery Suga.

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As he turns a year older today, we’d like to express what a relief it is to have him in our lives! We’ve put together a list of things that show how Suga is definitely every ARMYs first love (and ours too!).

He’s unafraid to show his love for ARMYs— in more ways than one!

Suga’s love for ARMY knows no bounds! Whether he’s screaming about them to the heavens:

Or he’s going out of his way to personally get them little gifts, he always finds a way to express just how much ARMYs mean to him.

Beyond all this, Suga also makes sure he expresses his love for ARMYs by generously donating to various charities in their name!

Suga has previously donated Korean beef to 39 orphanages, as a way of keeping a promise he made to ARMYs. Recently, he donated cash and Shooky dolls to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

He does his best to comfort anyone who struggles with mental health

Suga has had his fair share of struggles on his way to the top, and he’s talked about it multiple times. He’s produced songs about these struggles:

And his openness has helped ARMYs confront their own struggles! Suga continues to inspire ARMYs to keep growing even if things get tough through the little reminders he gives everyone on Bangtan Bombs, or on interviews:

His caring nature extends to little animals too!

Suga does more than care for the people around him, he cares for animals too! He always tries his best to be a good pet parent for his little poodle, Holly:

He’s simply amazing when it comes to dogs in general! Who can forget about the amazing chemistry between Suga and Demi?

He shows his passion for music in various ways

He isn’t Min PD for nothing, after all! Suga’s musical skill manifests in the way he works hard to produce and write quality songs for BTS:

And can we forget about Suga’s roots in rapping? The way he sets fire to every stage with his emotional verses and a fast mouth is something we all cherish about him deeply.

Suga also works hard to develop his skill when it comes to playing instruments! We’ve all seen him casually display his skill on the piano in comeback shows, or Bangtan Bombs:

Though underrated, he’s an amazing dancer!

Yoongi may not be recognized as a part of BTS’ dance line, but he might as well be! Part of his fiery presence onstage can be attributed to his snappy yet fluid dancing:

Just look at the swagger he exudes all throughout the “Fire” music video!

Of course, we can’t talk about Suga’s dancing without bringing in the “Seesaw” choreography that makes rounds on everyone’s Twitter feeds from time to time.

He knows when to get playful(ly adorable)

Suga may look cool and serious on the outside, but trust us when we say that this man has a goofy and soft side! He knows when to bust a cutesy dance with everyone else:

This fiery rapper has got an aegyo no one can compete with— and he knows it too because he whips it out when everyone around him least expects it:

Suga also knows when to play around with the rest of BTS, joking around and pulling off antics to make them and everyone around them laugh out loud:

His cat-like aegyo is too good to be true

Speaking of aegyo, let’s talk about how Suga earned his “lil meow meow” title! He exudes an energy that reminds cat owners of their own fluffy pets:

In a lot of ways, Suga resembles our little feline friends! Maybe it’s his little mannerisms, or the way he speaks in pout.

Or maybe it’s just the way he looks! In all ways, Suga has crawled into our hearts and our good graces— just like a cat.

His secretly impeccable English skills, which he stays low-key about

Most of us have been blown away by Suga casually flaunting his amazing English skills at least once. Who can forget about him casually talking to Machine Gun Kelly when RM was out?

Suga may not talk in English as much, but when he does he makes sure it’s to let everyone know that he wants to be a Billboard artist, or maybe win a Grammy:

His gummy smile is guaranteed to make anyone’s day

We can all agree that seeing Suga smile warms our hearts the most. Don’t you ever feel your day brighten when Suga gets up close to a camera and flashes a wide smile?

Just look at how adorable he is when he flashes a gummy smile to the crowd! Suga’s wide smiles will definitely help you feel better after a long day or when you need a pick me up.