“Reply 1988” Park Bo Gum & Go Kyung Pyo Spend Chuseok Together In Canada And The U.S

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What a squad goal between Park Bo Gum and Go Kyung Pyo!

The Reply 1988 actors Park Bo Gum and Go Kyung Pyo recently made headlines after photos of them going on a trip together to Canada and the U.S on Chuseok holiday went viral online.

Some overseas fans shared that they witnessed the two at the Times Square, New York city. Some others showed the actors’ autographs, with words “To whom we meet in Canada” as evidences that they have indeed met Park and Go at the Niagara Falls, which straddle the border between Canada and the U.S.

In the revealed pictures, the heartthrobs are dressed in casual and comfortable costumes. While Park dons a white hoodie and black cap, Go wears a black outfit with an ashy grey backpack. They are seen wandering here and there on the streets without their managers or other companies.

Park Bo Gum and Go Kyung Pyo became close friends after co-starring in the top grosser The Admiral, the Chinatown movie, and the recent drama series Reply 1988.

In a recent interview after the completion of the KBS2 drama Strongest Deliveryman, Go revealed: “Park Bo Gum is a dongseng whom I look up to. He is a good-natured and honest man. Bo Gum always takes care of me albeit he is a dongseng. We became close as we often keep in touch.”

Go further revealed: “I will go travelling overseas during Chuseok holiday (Korean Thanksgiving holiday). I’m so excited. I’m the kind of person that will leave without thinking of anything whenever I finish my works. I finally have time to recharge my batteries and reflect upon myself.”

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