Park Bo Gum Sneaks In At Goblin’s Bride Kim Go Eun’s Fan Meeting

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Kim Go Eun is thankful for the shower of blessings to her acting career.

Showing loyalty to actress Kim Go Eun, radiant actor Park Bo Gum sweetly wrapped himself as a gift and presented his handsome face live to his good friend on her fan gathering on May 21 in Seoul.

kim go eun

Photocredit hodunu FB Page

To this, fans might want to draw a ‘ship’ for these two to sail since Park Bo Gum personally fixed his schedule for the event, so she must be really special to him. But they are just good friends.

The two met while filming ‘Coin Locker Girl’, and have been friends since then. Kim Go Eun, who debuted in 2012, was elated to meet her followers for the first time. It was even more special because her former co-stars take time to congratulate her in their video messages.

kim go eun

Photo credit Hancinema

Her recent co-stars, including Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, and Jeon Do Yeon, parade in the special event with their thoughtful words of encouragement for her.  But nothing beat the thoughtful preparation of Park Bo Gum, who arranged his busy schedule with his agency Blossom Entertainment just to greet his lovely friend in person.

Park Bo Gum shared to Kim’s fans how he chose to ignore her invite to the fan meet as he really wanted to surprise her in person.

kim go eun

Kim Go Eun and Park Bo Gum are both successful in their last respective dramas ‘Goblin‘ and ‘Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds’, so it would be interesting to see them in a drama pairing in the future.

Take a peek at Park Bo Gum and Kim Go Eun’s most recent dramas:


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