Park Bo Gum On What He Values In Life: “Being Happy Is The Most Important”

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Park Bo Gum is a charming cover of Vogue Taiwan!

South Korean actor Park Bo Gum showed off his boyish and masculine looks in his photos for Vogue Taiwan.

One of the most popular actors of his generation, Park will grace the cover of the fashion magazine’s February issue.

The 24-year-old actor is dreamy and captivating as he poses in front of the camera. In a video uploaded by the fashion magazine, Park lets go his kind smile to mesmerize with his eyes.

The Love in the Moonlight actor also shared the three most important things he values in life through an interview with Vogue Taiwan.

In a stack of cards, Park chose three words which represent the most important things for him. He chose learning, balance, and joy.

Park Bo Gum

Park for Vogue Taiwan

“Learning is important in life,” he explained. He added as an actor, he believes there are so many things he needs to learn. Park also shared that he wants to learn foreign languages.

On the one hand, balance, for Park, is necessary in all matters. According to him, the word fits him well, especially in the nature of his work. “It’s important to find a good balance,” he said.

Park Bo Gum

Park for Vogue Taiwan

But, among the values he chose, the actor described joy as the most important. He said, “Joy includes all the other values. There is joy in learning. Maintaining balance is joy as well,”

“Being happy is the most important,” he added.

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