Park Bo Young’s Cute Brother-In-Law Brought Her Life-Sized Standee Home Because Of The Cold Weather

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Park Bo Young’s brother-in-law is so cute.

(V Live)

Recently, Park Bo Young interacted with her fans through V Live. On that day, due to her mother’s birthday celebration, she was having dinner with her family at her older sister’s house. At the beginning, Park said, “Because I drank abit, my brother-in-law was worried and even asked if I was sure that I wanted to broadcast since it would be live.”

During filming of Park Bo Young’s previous drama Strong Woman Dong Bong Soon, she injured her leg. Because she did not want to affect the filming progress, she had to bear with the pain for five months. She said, “I’m recovering back my health. Last week, I could finally jump and it was really a long time since I last jumped.”

(V Live)

At the actress’ sister’s house, there were also many exclusive merchandises of herself. She showed a bottle of soju, saying, “My brother-in-law wanted this at a restaurant because my face was on it.”

(V Live)

Later, Park Bo Young also brought viewers to see her own life-sized standee, saying, “This was brought home by my brother-in-law from a store. He said because it was winter and the weather was so cold but his sister-in-law was still outside working, so he took a taxi to bring her home. It was kept originally at the balcony but my brother-in-law told my sister that outside was cold, so they brought her into the room.”

To watch her full broadcast, click here.

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