Park Bom To Feature Sandara Park In First Solo Comeback In Eight Years

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Blackjacks, where you at?! Park Bom and Sandara Park are working on a song together!

After almost eight years since her 2011 digital single “Don’t Cry”, Park Bom is finally making her highly anticipated return in the music scene.

The 2NE1 member will end her hiatus through a solo comeback in March this year. According to reports, Park is in the final stages of preparation for her new song titled “Spring”, which will be produced by Brave Brothers.

Park Bom

Bom’s Twitter post back in August 2018 where she was photographed in a recording room. (Photo from @haroobomkum)

In an interview with XSportsNews, the acclaimed producer revealed details about his new track for Park Bom. He described the song as a R&B mid-tempo track that will present a different Bom. He also said it is, by far, the best song he has created for a female singer.

“I can proudly say that the public will be amazed of this song and really enjoy it, ” he said. He also expressed confidence on Bom’s excellent vocal skills that will not disappoint people.

“I like Park Bom’s tone and I have the desire to make her number one,” he added.

Additionally, YG Entertainment confirmed the participation of Bom’s fellow 2NE1 member Sandara Park in the upcoming single. Dara reportedly shed tears upon hearing the song.

The news of the two singers’ collaboration brought joy to many fans as it will be their first collaboration after 2NE1’s final single “Goodbye“.

Moreover, YGE’s Yang Hyun Suk expressed his support for Bom’s comeback. Through an Instagram post, he wrote, “Although she is no longer with YG, I really wish her all success with her new release.”

Fans have been looking forward to a new release from Park Bom since she joined D-Nation in July 2018. The singer previously hinted her comeback in August 2018 where she posted photos of herself inside a recording studio.