Park Boram Says “I’m Sorry” In Comeback MV

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Park Boram finally returned to the K-pop scene with her original debut track I’m Sorry!

At midnight on October 8, CJ E&M Entertainment uploaded the full music video for Park’s new ballad single onto its official YouTube channel. Unlike her usual cute and bubbly image in previous tracks, Beautiful and Celepretty, the singer shows a completely different side of herself in the video by transforming into a mature and elegant woman who is miserably struggling with her sadness. In addition, she also captivates listeners with her emotional and skillful vocals, which perfectly match the poignant background music.

As the newly-released song marks Park Boram’s first ballad single since her debut, as well as her comeback after a six-month break, fans are showing a lot of love and support to her and the beautiful song.

Check out the music video for I’m Sorry below:


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