Park Hae Jin To Combat Fine Dust In China Through Tree Planting

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Another good deed from Park Hae Jin!

South Korean actor Park Hae Jin will travel to China in April to join his fans’ campaign to reduce fine dust via tree planting.

According to the actor’s agency Mountain Movement, the actor’s upcoming trip to China will be in fulfillment of his pledge to plant trees with fans if JTBC’s Man x Man rating reaches ten percent.

Park Hae Jin

(Photo from Mountain Movement)

Last year, Park’s fans commenced a tree planting campaign by donating 520 trees in hopes to lessen the proliferation of fine dust and fight desertification in western China. The actor, who is known for his charity works, donated 6,000 additional trees to the campaign.

“Upon hearing the news that my fans will launch a tree planting campaign, I willingly decided to take part in it,” he said through his agency.

He also relayed his hope for this kind of campaigns to bear similar movements that would help address environmental problems like air pollution which has become a serious issue.

Park hae Jin

(Photo from Mountain Movement)

Park is a prominent figure of the Korean wave in China. He rose to fame and become a nationwide sensation in the country through the 2011 drama Qian Duo Duo Get Married. He went on to star in other dramas in China including Far Away Love which earned him a top acting award.

Meanwhile, the actor reprised as Yoo Jung in the film adaptation of his 2016 drama Cheese in the Trap. The movie premiered on March 14.

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