Park Ji Hoon Says “Of Course” To Being Part Of Wanna One Again If Given The Chance

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Yes, if given the chance, Park Ji Hoon would gladly do it all over again.

Park Ji Hoon warmed our hearts with his quick and sincere confession during his interview with Singles Magazine accompanying his dainty photoshoot for their March issue.

Photo from Singles Magazine

During his interview, Ji Hoon was asked about his recently-concluded days as a member of Wanna One and if given a second chance – would he do it all over again?

“Of course,” he answered in a heartbeat.

“When can eleven people with different charms gather together like that again? If it was the tenth or even the twentieth chance, I would still take it,” the singer-rapper-dancer said.

Photo from Singles Magazine

However, Ji Hoon noted that he would like to make a little change-up should he repeat his Wanna One days.

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“I showed too cute an image at the beginning,” he replied with a hearty laugh. “If I were to do everything again, I would show a more mature image,” he said.

Photo from Singles Magazine

With his natural charisma, it is undeniable that Ji Hoon is a guy who seems like he was born to go up on stage. His plethora of talents enable him to deliver outstanding performances with ease – but how is it like for him when he returns on his own time afterward?

“After doing a performance or holding a concert in front of a lot of people, I feel a bit empty. Many fans come to see me but when I come home, there are times when things suddenly become quiet,” the former Wanna One member confessed.

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“It makes the past moments that I had seem like a dream – I just could not believe it happened. However, I try my best to maintain my unchanging mind both on stage and off stage,” he added.

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