Park Jihoon Gears Up For Release Of His Comeback Album “Message”

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Get ready MAYs, Park Jihoon is all set to deliver a sweet ‘message’ soon!

Park Jihoon is all set to unveil his first full length album Message in the coming month. The sweet soloist took to his official SNS and revealed a stylish teaser image announcing the same. 

The poster also only showcases part of the vocalist’s face in monochrome that stands out against the bold purple and orange colors. The reveal is certainly sparking interests for what kind of concept Park Jihoon will reveal in the album.

Park Jihoon

Additionally, the image also features a description of the word “message”. It reads as, “a verbal, written, or recorded communication sent to or left for a recipient who cannot be contacted directly. A significant point or central theme, especially one that political, social, or moral importance.”

Besides this, the multitalented singer also disclosed an equally eye-catching scheduler to track the comeback. Featuring a pre-dominantly monotone palette, the plan poster also gives a slight sneak peek of Park Jihoon’s look through a cut image.

The colorful image showcases only a glimpse of the artist who will seemingly be rocking some blond tresses. His ensemble so far gives off quite a retro vibe amidst an autumnal setting. 

According to the poster, Park Jihoon will be releasing a track list poster on October 21. An innovative prologue art film will follow on October 22. The singer will then unveil a concept preview poster on October 23 leading to a concept trailer on October 26. 

Park Jihoon

From October 27 to October 29, bringing much delight to fans, the talented musician will reveal his charismatic style through three sets of concept photos. A special track video will be releasing on October 30. Ringing in the next month, a music video teaser on November 2 and a spectacular highlight medley on November 3 will be unveiling.  

Meanwhile, Park Jihoon will be releasing his full length album Message on November 4 on multiple music sources. An online music showcase will be held on the same day as the album’s release as well. 

Source: Maroo Entertainment