Park Seo Joon Honored As The Best New Actor At 54th Daejong Film Award

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The Best New Actor is the latest milestone for Park Seo Joon.

On October 25, the 54th Daejong Film Award took place at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul.

During the event, the cast and production crew of three popular Korean dramas, namely A Taxi Driver, Anarchist from Colony and The King bagged home most of the main prizes.

It is noted that among many celebrities who attended the ceremony, Park Seo Jun was honored as The Best New Actor for his role in TV series Midnight Runners.

Speaking at the event, Park showed happiness and excitement during his acceptance speech.

He sent thankful messages to his parents as well as his beloved fans, saying: “When I debuted, I heard a lot of people say how could someone like me with my appearance and personality become an actor. I think the times have changed. I’d like to thank my parents for giving birth to me during this generation. I am also grateful to my fans who always cheer and support me.”

Detailed list of the winners honored at 54th Daejong Film Awards:

Best Film – “A Taxi Driver”

Best Director – Lee Joon Ik (“Anarchist from Colony”)

Best Actor – Sol Kyung Gu (“The Merciless”)

Best Actress – Choi Hee Seo (“Anarchist from Colony”)

Best Supporting Actor – Bae Sung Woo (“The King”)

Best Supporting Actress – Kim So Jin (“The King”)

Best New Director – Uhm Tae Hwa (“Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned”)

Best New Actor – Park Seo Joon (“Midnight Runners”)

Best New Actress – Choi Hee Seo (“Anarchist from Colony”)

Lifetime Achievement Award – Kim Young Ae (passed away earlier this year)

Best Costume Design – Shim Hyun Seob (“Anarchist from Colony”)

Best Art Direction – Lee Jae Sung (“Anarchist from Colony”)

Best Screenplay – Han Jae Rim (“The King”)

Best Sound Effects – Dal Pa Ran (“Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned”)

Best Editing – Shin Min Kyung (“The King”)

Best Lighting – Kim Jae Geun (“Prison”)

Best Planning – Choi Ki Seob, Park Eun Kyung (“A Taxi Driver”)

Best Cinematography – Park Jung Hoon (“The Villainess”)

Technical Award – Jung Do Ahn, Yoon Hyung Tae (“The Villainess”)

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