Park Shin Hye Fondly Shares Insights About Her Latest Documentary Project

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Park Shin Hye deeply worried about the endangered animals she encountered in MBC’s newest documentary special

On June 6, the 58th Anniversary Special Documentary, Humanimal, was presented at MBC Golden Mouse Hall in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. The creative and production team comprised of Kim Jin Man, Kim Hyun Ki, and Sohn Jun Jun graced the event. Actress Park Shin Hye, who is one of the presenters, also attended the event.

Park Shin Hye

Enlightening Encounter to Endangered Species

Humanimal has been attracting attention with the news that actors Yoo Hae Jin, Ryu Seung Ryong and Park Shin Hye joining the program as presenters. It is a five-part documentary about the stories of humans who kill animals for their own pleasure and interests, and those who struggle to protect them.

The actors joined the production crew in travelling to ten countries around the world. This included Thailand, the United States, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa.

The presenters will be relating personal stories about their travel. Along with that, they will be sharing experiences and observe the beauty and sad reality of the endangered wildlife in these countries.

In the interview with the media people, Park Shin Hye confessed her apprehensions since it was a documentary. But, after experiencing new things while taking care of animals, she saw the need to be the right person in delivering the message about the dire situation of the animals facing extinction.

Park SHin Hye

Park’s extraordinary experience

Proving her affection to the television program, Park Shin Hye flaunted the knowledge she learned like a professional zoo keeper. She mentioned about the elephant’s habit in drinking water and harvesting samples for artificial insemination.

Close to tears, Park said, “It was an unforgettable August. I think a lot of animals will disappear by August. I think humans are a threat to animals rather than animals are dangers to us.”

When asked about what to anticipate in the documentary, she emphasized on the reality of the untold struggles of people devoting their lives to care for the endangered wildlife.

“I would like to point out the beauty of people who protect these animals. Their thoughts are the watch points,” the actress mentioned.

Producing Director (PD) Kim Jin Man of The Tear and Bear projects, will produce the program while Director PD Kim Hyun Ki, the man behind Human Documentary Love and Youth Documentary: Twenty Again will direct the series.

Humanimal consists of five episodes including the epilogue and will have its first broadcast at 8:55 PM KST on January 6, 2020 and beginning January 9, 2020 it will air at 10:05 p.m. KST.

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Park Shin Hye

Source: iMBC