PENTAGON’s E’Dawn Humorously Expresses Regret Of Giving “Energetic” To Wanna One

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What if “Energetic” had been performed by PENTAGON?

PENTAGON members E’Dawn, Jinho, and Wooseok recently made their appearance as special guests on May 3 episode of MBC radio show titled Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon.

During the program, DJ Kim Shin Young asked: “Member Hui gained great popularity after composing Wanna One’s hit track “Energetic”. I have heard that Wooseok also participated in writing the song’s lyrics. But “Energetic” seems to go well with (the music style of) PENTAGON, too. Have you ever thought that it (let Wanna One perform the song “Energetic”) is a waste?”

Jinho replied: “I asked Hui whether he was regretful but he said that he felt thankful because good song was sung by good singers.”

However, in contrast, E’Dawn showed his sense of humor by joking: “I actually regret a bit…ah no … I regret a lot.”

In another news, PENTAGON recently released its new track titled “Shine” on April 2.

Check out Wanna One’s hit track “Energetic”, written and composed by PENTAGON’s talented members Hui and Wooseok:

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