Personalizing The Gifts You Give On Valentine’s Day To A K-pop Fan

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, people are probably racking their brains trying to find out what to give to their loved ones, especially if they are K-pop fans.

The Coronavirus is still in the air, but it won’t stop people from expressing their love for the better halves through the gifts they give on this special day.

While flowers and chocolates were once the go-to gifts in the past, these days, they are already a cliché. So it’s time for people to be creative. And if you’re still in a bit of a quandary on what to give, here are some gift ideas you can consider to give your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Personalized Puzzle

If your better half loves activities, a personalized puzzle is the best gift you can give. Aside from keeping your loved one inside the house and safe from the virus, it also lets them rediscover some of the best moments you had together.

There are online resources that allow you to create puzzles using pictures. So you can look for pictures of some of your best memories together and make them into a puzzle. You can even have some words etched in the pictures.
These online resources allow you to choose the number of pieces the puzzle will have. They can range from 60 pieces up to 1,014 pieces. You can put the puzzle together with your loved one, especially if you’re working on the puzzle with a thousand pieces. It’ll be a great activity that the two of you can do to relive the best moments in your lives together through a puzzle.

Custom Jewelry

If you’re more of a sentimental person who wants to give your loved one something to remember you by, you can also opt to give him or her custom jewelry. A custom engraved ring or personalized pendant will be perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift.

You might think these gifts are expensive, but they’re not. What makes them memorable is the engraving you’re going to put on them. Since you can choose what you want to engrave, it’ll be personalized for your loved one.

Photo Frame

If your better half is the sentimental one, you can give him or her a photo frame. You don’t just give them an ordinary photo frame since there are many options you can find online. There are heart-shaped photo frames, a four-window photo frame, and even a photo frame collage.

Look for one that allows you to put as many pictures as you can. These pictures will show the different memorable moments you had together. Besides the two of you, you can also include pictures of the whole family if you already have kids.

You can even make the gift-giving dramatic by leaving some of the photo frames empty. When he or she asks you why they’re empty, you can say that you’ll still have more memories to make in the years to come.
The photo frame might be simple, but it can easily touch a sentimental person’s heart and give them a reason to smile each time they look at the pictures.

Personalized Etched Constellation Map

Is your better half a lover of space and the great beyond? Well, a personalized constellation map will be a perfect gift for the 14th of February. This personalized constellation map is etched on a piece of wood, and it shows the position of the stars in the sky during a special date in your life.

For instance, it will show a view of the sky and the stars on the day you first dated. Or you can have a picture showing the stars and the sky on the day when you got together. The pictures can be etched on a wood piece that you can hang on the wall or put on the desk.

You might be asking where you can find such a gift. You can manually look for a picture of the constellations and have the picture etched on wood. Or you can look for the website offering this particular service. All you need to do is put the date and the location, and the website will do the work for you.

You can also have a special message along with your names on the personalized map. This will be a perfect gift for a loved one who loves to go camping and spend a night watching the stars in the dark sky.

The gifts you give for a loved one on Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be limited to the typical flowers and chocolates. You should be creative and show how much you love your better half by giving him or her a gift that puts a big smile on their face.