Pledis Entertainment Vows To Verify Facts About Accusations Against SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

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Carats are surely hoping nothing but the best for SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu!

Pledis Entertainment has recently announced that SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu has temporarily halted his scheduled activities following the recent allegations surrounding him.

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Verifying facts

In a recent statement, the agency addressed the school bullying and sexual harassment accusations made against the idol.

The company revealed, “After the claims were posted online, our company examined the information regarding the artist as well as the surrounding circumstances. During this process, we were able to verify that there were certain discrepancies between the information posted online and what we were able to verify from the artist.”

With various school violence-related issues surfacing in South Korea, the agency acknowledged the importance of verification. Their representatives have contacted the parties involved through a variety of methods to ascertain the facts of the issue.

False Accusation

As of now, one issue has been verified by Pledis. It was unveiled that Mingyu did not abuse his classmate with a disability.

“The artist himself clearly remembered the person identified in the claim as the victim, and we were able to contact and discuss the issue with this person’s mother, who confirmed that the student was in fact on very good terms with the artist. She remembered the names of the students who did abuse the victim in school, and was able to verify this information for us immediately,” the agency said.

Meanwhile. the other issues are not yet clarified as some sources have expressed the desire not to be contacted. Moreover, Pledis assured everyone that they will continue to investigate further to unveil the truth.

Mingyu pauses activities

The company also reported that Mingyu has expressed his deep apology for the discomfort caused to all fans. He has also temporarily suspended his activities and entrusted the company to carry out all necessary examinations of the facts.

Moreover, Pledis emphasized, “Meeting those who have spoken out that they have been harmed, and verifying the facts, and ensuring that they can be healed is the most important. In addition, please understand that we cannot consider any decision that may impact the entire life of the artist lightly and without verifying the facts. We promise that if any wrongdoing is found after this process, we will take clear and necessary measures.”

Source: Pledis Entertainment

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