[Press release] Clazziquai Project releases ‘Sweetest Name’ prior to album release

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Clazziquai Project has released its new track titled Sweetest Name prior to its 5th album release.

The group slowly hinted their comeback with a couple photoshoots and few performances as well. The new track release will mark its comeback from a  three-year hiatus since Clazziquai Project’s last album. The group announced the comeback and track release through its official Facebook page. Clazziquai Project also shared a photo of vocalists Alex and Horan behind a cafe counter as a teaser image for the new music video.

[vsw id=”f_KI5H45jcs” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

If you are a fan of Clazziquai, the song have a familiar sound, as it is made with the Clazziquai style of house beat. The full album will be released on February 5.

Sources: Direct correspondence with Fluxus Music; Video – fluxus

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