Produce 48 Winning Girls’ IZ*ONE To Debut In October

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After weeks of hard work, intense training, and ruthless eliminations, 12 girls have emerged to become Produce 48 new girl group – IZ*ONE – and their debut is sooner than you think.

Produce 48, a show which featured talents from Korea and Japan, came to an end last week, with the top 12 contestants make up the project group called IZ*ONE. The girls were spotted at the Incheon Airport recently as they make the way to Japan for their first official schedule.

IZ*ONE, the group’s name, refers to the unification of the 12 female members through the support of international fans. It is the first Korean-Japanese group formed through a competition show, which featured almost 100 girls from local South Korean companies, the J-pop group AKB48 and its sister groups.

Produce 48

(Photo from KPOP Herald)

In case you missed it, IZ*ONE is a girl group made up of very talented and beautiful individuals. The members are Jang Won Young, from Starship Entertainment, Sakura Miyawaki, (AKB48) Jo Yuri, Choi Ye Na, Ahn Yu Jin (Starship Entertainment), Nako Yabuki (HKT48), Kwon Eun Bi (previously debuted with Ye-A), Kang Hye Won (Urban Works), Hitomi Honda, (AKB48), Kim Chae Won, Kim Min Joo and Lee Chae Yeon.

Produce 48

(Photo from KPOP Herald)

The project girl group is set to run for two and a half years, longer than the official active periods of their predecessors, I.O.I. and Wanna One.

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