Produce X 101 Announces Winning Members And Name of New Boy Group

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The final line up composes of early favorites with a few surprise additions.

Produce X 101 has named the members of its newest boy group. It was more than four hours of nerve-wracking moments, but Mnet’s survival program has finally come to an end. Prior to the announcement of the eleven trainees who made it to the debut group, National Representative Lee Dong Wook revealed the group’s name – X1.

The members will be promoting under this name for five years. The first two and a half years will be solely devoted to the project group promotions. The latter half would have the members return to their agencies and have individual activities, with X1 as a side group project.

During the show as well as after the announcement of the final members, #PRODUCE_X_101 trended worldwide as well as some of the finalists.


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Produce X 101 Final Lineup

The National Producers voted Kim Yo Han of OUI Entertainment as the debut group’s final center. Meanwhile TOP Media’s Kim Woo Seok landed on the second spot. Han Seung Woo placed third followed by Starship Entertainments Song Hyeon Jun at number four. Cho Seung Youn of Yuehua Entertainment and Son Dong Pyo occupied the fifth and sixth seats, while MBK trainees Nam Do Hyon and Lee Han Gyul placed eigth and seventh respectively. Cha Jun Ho and Kang Min Hee were at ninth and tenth spots.

TOP Media’s Lee Jin Hyuk and Starship Entertainment’s Koo Jung Mo were part of the four trainees who competed for the X seat. They placed 14th and 13th, respectively. Meanwhile, Brand New Music’s Lee Eun Sang and Jellyfish Entertainment’s Kim Min Kyu were the two remaining trainees who vied for the 11th place. After the tallied overall points, Lee Eun Sang edged out Kim Min Kyu to claim the last spot.

Produce X 101

The final episode of Produce X 101 aired on July 19 via Mnet.

Images retrieved from Mnet.