Prospecs W releases Kim Yuna and Kim Soohyun photo advertisements

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Prospecs W has released an advertisement pictorial featuring figure skater Kim Yuna and actor Kim Soohyun in the brand’s latest line of Get Slim active-wear.

Yuna dons a pink and gray track jacket, black running shorts, and black-striped gray leggings. Soohyun wears a black and blue track jacket and black pants. Yuna is also seen wearing a gray-blue sweater and maroon shirt, while Soohyun is seen with a blue sweater and padded windbreaker jackets.

Prospecs W also released preparation images from behind-the-scenes of the photoshoot. Check out the CF video and photoshoot below.

[vsw id=”ajBoGtCu5Xs” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

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