PSY wins “Best Video” for “Gangnam Style” on 2012 MTV EMA

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The popularity of Korean pop sensation Psy’s “Gangnam Style” knows no limits as he took home the award for “Best Video” – now officially the most popular video in history.

In his first international awards show performance, Psy’s bold performance was full of swagger, thanks to the army of Psy lookalikes/dancers that joined him on stage and a special cameo by David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff.

In his acceptance speech, Psy took his minute to thank supporters around the world. “First of all, I like to thank MTV EMA. This is too much, thank you. Can I have a minute because I am a rookie, I’ve got a lot to tell. I like to thank each and every one all around the world who is supporting Psy, who is supporting Gangnam Style and who is supporting my video, I thank you so much,” said the man on stage. The winner of “Best Video” also expressed his appreciation for his management and family.

Check out Psy’s performance below:


Check out more photos below:


Special thanks to MTV Asia for the screening invitation

Attended by Adrian & Yunting

Source: MTV Asia, Images: Getty Image/MTV

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