Rap Monster Changes His Stage Name To RM

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Rap Monster just changed his stage name only!

On November 14, Big Hit Entertainment made a statement to announce that BTS’s leader Rap Monster will promote with a new stage name from now on, called RM.

Earlier, on November 13, the idol wrote a message on the group’s official fan page to inform the news. Besides, he also further explained the reason for his stage name modification, sharing: “People started to call me ‘Rap Monster,’ which is part of lyrics I wrote when I was a trainee. I like the name. But I realized the name is far from the type of music I want to show you.”

Additionally, the heartthrob expressed his expectation to receive support from fans after changing his stage name into RM, saying: “You may feel a bit awkward or unfamiliar to me due to my new stage name, which I even have been called prior to my debut. However, I will be really grateful if you welcome me after I start activities with the new name.”

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