Noh Hong Chul speaks up about his recent accident

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Entertainer Noh Hong Chul, mainly known for his role as a cast member of variety show Infinite Challenge, was caught over a week ago for drunk driving. The entertainer had decided to withdraw from both Infinite Challenge and I Live Alone in light of the accident.

According to the police and articles written about the situation, it is said that Noh Hong Chul had refused to take a breath test. In his letter written today to his fans on his Twitter account, he states his side of the story.

He starts his letter by apologizing for creating a disturbance for many people: “Right now, even if I had ten mouths, I wouldn’t be able to say anything. But because I don’t have an agency that can release a statement and answering all the questions that reporters send takes too long, with courage I write this letter,” he writes with sorrow.

This last 13th, it was stated that I ‘refused the alcohol measurement and was held down by the police’. It is true that I hesitated because I had never experienced such a thing, and I did wrong in driving drunk, but I did obey the police with my best effort. Therefore, I did not push the alcohol measuring instrument away with my hand. The reason why I did a blood test and not a breath test is because after listening to the explanation of the alcohol measuring instrument from the police, my manager arrived and I choose the blood test.

Noh Hong Chul ends the letter by telling fans that he is reflecting and is willing to receive his punishment accordingly and apologizes deeply for disappointing his fans and others.

With all this in mind, the alcohol content in his blood was apparently o.1 percent which is over the Korean legal limit of 0.05 percent. Police have revealed that Noh Hong Chul would be fined and would have his licence cancelled for a whole year.

Translation: Hyerim Kim

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