Rich celebrities to be investigated by tax agency

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The Korea Herald announced today that after Song Hye-kyo‘s scandal of her $3.7 million USD tax evasion, the National Tax Agency has decided to investigate several celebrities owning expensive properties. Since a lot of these celebrities reside at Gangnam, the National Tax Agency’s Gangnam Office stated that they are checking at least seven celebrities’ tax files, to see if they tried to exploit tax loopholes.

Previously it has been confirmed by Jang Keun-suk‘s agency that he was questioned for underreporting his income in China, which is supposed to be around $1.9 million USD.

Many are asking who the celebrities to be investigated are – leading property holders actress Jun Ji-hyun, actor Song Seun-hun and singer Rain might be included in the checklist but this has not been confirmed at the time of this report.

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