Recap: Ladies’ Code EunB and RiSe die after fatal car accident

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The accident

Picture: MBC

Picture: MBC

Ladies’ Code’s EunB has died at the age of 22 this week after a tragic car accident, which left RiSe and Sojung in critical condition.

The group were returning to Seoul after a schedule at Daegu, when the back tire of the van fell out and ran into a wall, which caused the death of member EunB at 1:30AM on September 3. She passed away at the scene.

EunB’s wake was held at Korea University Anan Hospital.

The aftermath

RiSe is still unconscious after four days. Picture: Polaris Entertainment

RiSe is still unconscious after four days. Picture: Polaris Entertainment

RiSe’s condition is currently being closely watched, after she was released from a nine hour surgery. She has had a total of four surgeries and has not waken up after four days.

Doctors said they were unsure whether RiSe would survive. Her parents flew from Japan to Korea as they await for her to regain consciousness.

Sojung. Picture: Tumblr

Sojung. Picture: Tumblr

Fellow member Sojung underwent surgery for her injured arm and fractured skull this week. Polaris Entertainment refrained from telling her about EunB’s death, worried that she may not be able to cope with it before her surgery.

Polaris said later in the week that they were planning to tell Sojung about EunB’s death, after she had successfully received surgery for her fractured skull.

Sojung reportedly apologised for her inability to promote with Ladies’ Code when she regained consciousness.

She said, unaware of EunB’s death: “I’m sorry I can’t complete my schedules”.

Dispatch reported that on September 4, Sojung grew suspicious after everyone visiting her wore black clothes (EunB’s funeral was being held).

She asked Polaris staff: “Why is everyone coming to visit me all in black?”

The other two members Ashley and Zuny did not have any major injuries, but were said to be treated for their severe shock.

The funeral


EunB’s funeral was held on September 5 at 8AM.

Members Ashley and Zuny attended the funeral. Zuny was seen wearing a cast as a result of the accident. Both were intensely crying. EunB’s courageous mother, who has touched many people’s heart with her strength, comforted the two members.

EunB’s mother said to Ashley and Zuny: “Don’t ever give up. You guys have to continue on for EunB. Ashley, since your mom is not here, I’ll be your Korean mother.”


Dispatch released further touching accounts of EunB’s mother dealing with the funeral this morning.

As she said her final goodbyes to EunB, she said: “I’m sorry mom couldn’t do better for you, I’m so sorry…”

RiSe was unable to attend because she was still unconscious. Sojung also didn’t attend because she hadn’t been told about EunB’s death yet.

RiSe’s mother also came to pay her respects, although her daughter has been unconscious for four days. RiSe’s mother comforted and hugged EunB’s mother.

Remembering EunB


In her last interview with Newsen, she told them on September 2 that she wanted to spend more time with her family on the upcoming Chuseok holiday.

“I want to spend a normal day eating Chuseok food with my family at home for the first in a long time.” The 22-year-old told Newsen on September 2.

She explained that she believed “the little things in life are the happiest.”

Many Korean celebrities have remembered EunB by offering their condolences.

4minute’s Sohyun said: “I offer my deepest condolences. I cannot believe this heartbreaking news.. it was only a while ago when we did a broadcast together.. I will pray with all my might that everyone else may recover soon.”

Block B’s Taeil also joined in and said: Block B’s Taeil: “Just a few hours ago, I greeted her… It’s scary too and so regretful.  We pray for her and offer our deepest condolences. We hope the other injured will have a fast recovery.”

Read the others here.

Picture: Polaris Entertainment

Picture: Polaris Entertainment

Ladies’ Code’s fan club LAVELY came together to grant the late EunB her last wish: to have a number one song. 

I’m Fine Thank You, a song from their second mini-album has rocketed to number one on nine real-time charts after it was released in September last year.

LAVELY’s started the campaign and said, “EunB’s one wish was to be #1 on the charts. We hope our that our hopes get sent to the sky, please let us hear ‘I’m Fine Thank You’.”

Other fans from other groups also joined in the campaign to help make the song number one.

I’m Fine Thank You reached number one on music charts such as Bugs, Naver Music, Mnet, MelOn and Genie.

Who is responsible?


Many netizens quickly blamed the road manager, who was driving. Police started an investigation into whether he was speeding.

However, the investigation proved to be difficult because there were no witnesses and no CCTV recordings were present. They were able to uncover the car’s black box, which they have began looking into.

Authorities also revealed that the van’s airbags did not work at the time of the accident. Another report later emerged saying that Ladies’ Code’s van tried to avoid collision with another car, which was why they hit a guard rail.

Polaris Entertainment quickly released a statement to defend the manager, who they said was an experienced driver.

“The manager is not new to driving, and while has been working as a road manager he has never had an accident like this,”

The agency also said that the van was a rented one, and it was the first time they were driving it.

“The vehicle was being driven for the first time on the day of the accident. We are extremely upset that after experiencing problems with our managements vehicle, we received a new car from the rental centre and still a tragedy like this occurred.”

The van has been sent to National Forensic Service for investigation.

New reports emerged on September 7 that EunB did not die as a result of not wearing a seatbelt.

According to KBS 2TV News on the Entertainment World, a firefighter at the scene said that at the time of arrival 3-4 people were outside the van standing around (Ashley, Zuny and staff) and inside the car there were 3 females (EunB, RiSe, Sojung) all unconscious.

The statement contradicted previous speculations that EunB might have died because she wasn’t wearing a seat belt and must have been ejected out of the van, which caused bigger damages than her teammates.

In the case of RiSe, she was bleeding a lot from her head and the paramedics couldn’t find her pulse and breathing so they had to perform CPR right away.

Sojung finds out about EunB’s death

On September 6, it was reported that Sojung was aware of EunB’s death and RiSe’s unconscious condition before her surgery yesterday.

It was previously reported that Polaris Entertainment decided against telling Sojung about the tragic news, to preserve her well-being for the surgery. She has now received an operation for her fractured skull.

Sojung was made aware of the news after she was in a stable enough condition to use her phone. She learned about EunB’s death and RiSe’s condition through the news.

Polaris said that she was in great shock at first, but is slowly coming to terms with the news.

Another member passes away

RiSe passes away after clinging onto her life for four days. Picture: Dispatch

RiSe passes away after clinging onto her life for four days. Picture: Dispatch

Polaris Entertainment confirmed that RiSe has passed away on September 7 at 10:10AM KST.

The Ladies’ Code member has been fighting for her life for the last four days, since the car accident happened on September 3. The news follows after EunB’s death just from earlier this week.

Polaris Entertainment said she was receiving an emergency surgery for as long as she could, but ultimately she passed away. She was just 23 years old. She suffered from life-threatening head injuries as a result of the accident.

In the statement, they said: “RiSe received a critical injury to her head and was moved to the hospital. She received surgery for as long as possible, but ultimately passed away,”

“Her parents, who came from Japan, and Polaris staff stayed with her until the end. We are so sorry to give you the sad news, since EunB has also passed, we cannot hide our sorrows.”

Many Korean celebrities have also come together to remember the Ladies’ Code member who had a bright future ahead of her.

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