Red Velvet’s Seulgi Revealed As A Host For Naver NOW’s Newest Show

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Red Velvet’s Seulgi is giving REVELUVs more reason to stay joyous and lively this summer as she becomes the host for a new radio show on Naver NOW!

Seulgi of powerhouse girl group Red Velvet takes on another challenge by bagging an amazing opportunity as the newest host for Naver NOW.

On May 31, Naver NOW confirmed that the dazzling artist is the newest person in charge of its latest show through a stunning teaser poster.

Titled, the live program will allow fans to effortlessly communicate and interact with the idol in the most convenient way possible. Particularly, the show will revolve around the concept of Seulgi inviting REVELUVs to her house.

It is expected that the stunning idol will talk about the things she likes with fans and play with them through various segments.

Seulgi will also show her various outfits to fans, solidifying her status as a fashionista. With regards to this, the artist will also talk about her style preferences, giving fans an opportunity to get to know the idol more in a deeper level.

Aespa As First Visitor

For the first broadcast, the Red Velvet member’s first official guest is aespa, which is Seulgi’s junior in SM Entertainment.

All of them had a really good time getting to know each other, given that they share the same tastes and preferences when it comes to a lot of things. Blessing MYs and REVELUVs eyes, Seulgi even danced the main choreography to aespa’s newest song “Next Level.”

Proving her tutting skills are the best, Seulgi managed to pull off the dance moves effortlessly and gracefully. She also made an instant connection with Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning.

With this, expectations are now rising regarding the upcoming guests that will appear on the radio show. Known for her bubbly personality, the idol will surely put color to fans’ days with her lovely comments and soft voice.

Seulgi will be hosting every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 PM KST onwards.

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Photos from Naver NOW and Seulgi’s Instagram