Rocket Punch Is Bringing Out A Summer Mini-Album This August

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Rocket Punch plans to blow the heat away this summer with its third mini-album.

Girl group Rocket Punch announced a new mini-album, set for release on August 4. Meanwhile the news were delivered through a special image poster.

Rocket Punch

On July 23, Woollim Entertainment revealed the surprise picture which announced the girl group’s comeback. In particular, it was uploaded at a very specific time, 8:07 PM KST. Those numbers represent Rocket Punch’s debut date, expressing its special meaning. Fans welcomed the girls’ comeback with enthusiastic response.

The released coming-up image had a cool blue background which fit with the mini-album’s title, Blue Punch. In addition, the title song’s name “Juicy” was unveiled, along with the date and time of the release.

Furthermore, Woollim made a statement saying, “Rocket Punch is making a comeback with a cool summer song. Please look forward to Rocket Punch, who will be returning to the music scene with a more upgraded charm and its third mini-album Blue Punch.”

Previously, the group debuted with the first mini-album Pink Punch, which was followed by the second one, Red Punch. This time, the girls will be delivering a cool punch into the K-Pop summer scene.

Meanwhile, the group will be appearing in this year’s Dream Concert CONNECT:D on July 26. Fans now have one more thing to look forward to, as well as the upcoming pre-release teaser content.

The girls will release their third mini-album Blue Punch on August 4 at 6 PM KST.

Source: HeraldPop

Image credit: Woollim Entertainment