Rookie girl group Skarf releases full MV for ‘Oh! Dance’

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New Korean-Singaporean K-pop girl group, Skarf, have officially made their debut with the latest full music video for debut title track, Oh! Dance!

Oh! Dance is a light and refreshing pop track, a class that sets itself apart from the mainstream music. The music video features the girls in a misty garden-themed setting that portrays the girls in their own unique charms.

Skarf consists of two Koreans and two Singaporeans; Ferlyn, Sol, Tasha and Jenny. The name Skarf is an unique word composition, using ‘scarf’ (as in a fashion accessory) with a letter replacement of C to K. In this way, letter S represents Singapore while the K stands for Korea.

[vsw id=”hUFkS3Iehlw” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Are you liking the new unique blending of Singaporeans into K-pop groups?

Source: Alpha Entertainment YouTube, Alpha Entertainment Facebook page Picture: Kpoppark

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