Rowoon Officially Departs From SF9

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All the best in your respective endeavors, Rowoon and SF9!

FNC Entertainment shocked fans earlier today after announcing the future activities of Rowoon and SF9.

In the official statement, the agency revealed, “SF9, who debuted in 2016 and has been active as our agency’s artist for seven years, came upon the expiration of their first contracts on September 18. All members of SF9 previously renewed their contracts with our agency, and they will now take another leap forward with eight members excluding Rowoon. Rowoon will focus on individual activities including acting.”

The agency added that although the direction of their journeys will now become different, Rowoon, who will remain as the ninth member of SF9, along with the other eight members will cheer each other on and each put in their full effort on their own paths to impress fans.

Shortly after the news broke online, Rowoon penned a heartfelt message via the official fan cafe.

Expressing his sincere apologies to those who became disappointed with him, he said, “I understand that as much as I get attention and support, I can also get hate, but I guess I’m a little soft. Sometimes, when misunderstandings arise, you need the courage to say no, but those were the days when I was always busy hiding. I am truly sorry if any fans felt hurt and disappointed by my complacent attitude. If he felt unfamiliar with me because I was different from before, he would also have felt disappointed because I hid myself. I sincerely apologize.”

Additionally, he conveyed his gratitude to everyone who continues to support him since day one. “Over the past seven years, I have been active and grateful for each and every precious memory. As I look back on my life and write, I feel nothing but gratitude. This too is thanks to you all.”

Starting today, Rowoon embarks on a new path to solidify his mark as an actor. “This year I turn 27, and I’m going to try a new challenge. I think I was really at a loss as to how to tell the story, where to start, and what kind of story to start with, but I want to tell you that I want to gather courage and take on a new challenge. Please watch over 27-year-old Kim Seok-woo so that he can live a responsible life. It will be exactly the same as you remember. I am truly grateful to you all. We would appreciate it if you could watch over us with affectionate eyes,” he shared.

Source: MK Sports

Photo Credits: FNC Entertainment