Royal Pirates Invades KL for 1st Malaysian Showcase Press Conference

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(L-R) Royal Pirates’ members: Sooyoon, James & Moonchul

Nothing goes hand-in-hand with coffee better than good music – and the appearance of the Royal Pirates’ members at Dal.Komm Café, Damansara Utara on May 3rd seems to add weight to this notion! But the charming yet talented trio, consisting of leader & vocalist Moonchul, bassist James and drummer Sooyoon, weren’t there for just a typical coffee break.  Royal Pirates appeared before members of the local media to answer some questions prior to their debut showcase in Kuala Lumpur on the same day.

The Royal Pirates’ members were still abuzz with tons of energy despite having a busy weekend; they first arrived in the capital of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, for the first half of their Malaysian ‘Love Toxic’ promotional showcase on the 1st of May, where they too visited the Mari- Mari Cultural Village.


Sooyoon and Moonchul trying their hand at brewing coffee

Once in Kuala Lumpur, the boys had an intimate event with fans and media at Dal.Komm Café, IOI City Mall through the Hotlink Experience, allowing their fans to get up close and personal with the members during the fanmeeting session. The boys also learnt how to make coffee during this time, and had a challenge with the fans to create winning coffee artworks- Team Moonchul won, with a masterpiece featuring Moon’s face! He soon revealed that he had past experience as a barista, as he worked as one for about a year.


Royal Pirates’ coffee masterpieces for their fans!

During the introductory session of the press conference, the members revealed that they were also keen on Malaysian food; James revealed that Laksa (a type of spicy noodle soup) was the first Malaysian dish he tried, while Sooyoon sampled satay (meat on skewers) during their in-flight meals. The group also revealed that prior before settling on the name of Royal Pirates, they toyed with the idea of naming their band Royal Ninja or Royal Spider, which drew laughter from the crowd.

James, who had roots in metal rock music before joining Royal Pirates, divulged that at first, he found it difficult to transit from one music genre to another as Moonchul and Sooyoon had a groovier vibe to their music.  However, the trio noted that despite music being the biggest influence in each member of Royal Pirates’ life, the members are also open to the idea of venturing into different fields, such as appearing on variety shows as well.


Royal Pirates too shared their opinions about their favorite songs off Love Toxic and even their outlook on marriage throughout the rest of the press conference session:

 Q: If the members weren’t in Royal Pirates, what would they be doing now?

James: Doing Math! I’ll most probably be like, a professor? I’ll be teaching those at university-level. I would like to take a role as one who meets other people and is able to inspire others.

Moon: My parents both majored in art, so I’ll most likely be working somewhere in the arts field. I like to talk and have conversations with others, so I’ll might work as a psychologist! If you have any worries, problems, please come (to me!) I’m not a professional yet, but please do talk to me!

Sooyoon:  If I could turn back time I’ll be a chef! I’ll be able to eat lots of delicious food and I’ll learn how to cook Malaysian foods too!

Q:  When can we expect Royal Pirates’ Korean comeback? Would you be having any tours in the future?

Sooyoon: We’re almost done producing with our latest album, but if we’re talking about the exact date for its release, we haven’t set on it. However, we’re confident in showing the album to both our fans and other listeners. We’re planning to have lots of promotions with it – not only just in Malaysia, but to countries worldwide too!


Q: In the tracklist for ‘Love Toxic’, which songs are the member’s favorites, and which songs would be recommended to RP’s listeners too?

Moon: I choose Seoul Hillbilly. I really like the live version of this song as we can perform it both powerfully and cheerfully! Please come to one of our shows to hear its’ live! (laughs)

James: For me, it’s a song written by Moon called Haru, and personally that’s one of my favorite songs off the album because I know his intention when he wrote it. I think it came across very clearly (to the listener). It’s very honest. Oh, and also a song I wrote – Betting Everything! (laughs) The acoustic English version.

Q: Could you please explain to us the meaning behind Haru?

Royal Pirates: The song is about when you first start liking somebody, and just by thinking about them and looking at them, time passes by and the day flies by so quickly. It’s a romantic song.


Q: In Royal Pirates’ own perspective, what makes the perfect rock song?

Moon : I think the fact that it’s imperfect makes it’s perfect! A lot of rock songs are very honest, and even if you don’t know all the lyrics, you just know what it’s talking about and you can relate to its feeling. I think it’s also about the attitude, the melody of the song and the message behind it. Personally I think it’s all about the energy too – the whole rock and roll vibe, they live that rockstar life and the energy comes out naturally.

Q: Is that what Royal Pirates is doing right now? Living the Rockstar life?

Royal Pirates: (all laughs)

Moon: It’s a little different because in Korea, there’s a new frontier. There isn’t a lot of room for new rock bands to grow; there aren’t a lot of platforms out there, and I think that’s why a lot of artists aren’t just aiming locally, but for an international audience as well. But if we were to put ourselves in terms of perfectness, or about being a good Rockstar, I think we’ll like, really perfect.


Q: Yesterday during the fanmeeting, Royal Pirates talked about their ideal girls. Which member do you think would get married first amongst the 3?

Sooyoon: I think Moon! He told me he wants to get married when he’s 36.

Moon: I like kids! I would like to have a family.

Sooyoon: But I’ll think that he’l l get married before 36! We don’t really bother or think about the reality of marriage, but only Moon does~

Q: How about the other 2 members? When are you planning to get married?

James: 53!

Q: What are the music, songs or artists that Royal Pirates is listening to in particular?

James: I kinda been going back old-school- I’ve been listening to Tupac recently, Lil Kim – it’s weird, since I mix in a little metal in there as well. But I keep on coming back to  Daft Punk! Talking about Daft Punk, I respect them so much as they’re pioneers in their own genre, and last night I was listening to The Beatles on the way back. But the 3 of us always listen to Rage Against The Machine; like whenever we’re in the car, we turn it on and it always pumps us up!

Sooyoon:  Since we stay together for most of the time we share a lot of music together. Sometimes we turn on electronica/club music to pump us up too~

Q: Since Royal Pirates has to stay with each other during tours, what is the one thing about each member does that annoys the other members the most?

Moon: James actually complains a lot!

James: I’m actually sensitive to others’ complaints, and then I complain. But I don’t get annoyed easily. Generally though we have no complains about each other. We’re really like a family. We do get annoyed at each other sometimes, but we’re good at solving things like that quickly.


Q: We heard that when Sooyoon and Moon first met you two didn’t get along that well?

Moon: When we first met, there was a total clash because both of us had totally different personalities! Sooyoon was really quiet so I found it difficult for us to have chances to become closer. But after lots of talks and conversations, we found a shared love in music.

Q:  In Korea there are so many rock bands – which one in particular does Royal Pirates like or does Royal Pirates wishes to collaborate with?

Royal Pirates: Busker Busker! Personally I like their songs, and I think it would be fun to collaborate with them.

Moon: Seo Taiji sunbaenim!

Royal Pirates: He’s such legendary Korean producer and a great artist.


Q: If Royal Pirates members were casted for the film The Avengers, which character would they each play?

Moon: I’ll definitely be Iron-man! The chul in Moonchul means Iron (in Korean)!

James: I’ll be Captain Korea!

Sooyoon : I’ll be the Hulk!

Royal Pirates: It would be pretty funny to see Sooyoon as the Hulk since he’s a pretty slender guy with cool personalities!


Wih that, this signaled the end of the light-hearted press conference we shared with Royal Pirates! The members were surprised with a durian cake at the very end, and the boys were all smiles with the gift.

Check out the photos from both the press conference and fanmeeting, and stay tuned for our exclusive showcase coverage of Royal Pirates as well!

Thanks to Universal Music Malaysia for the press invites!


Event Covered by Phan Seckvoon

Article written by Clarissa Loi

Editing by Adrian Cheng

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