Ryu Jin Renews Exclusive Contract With Blue Dragon Entertainment

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With accummulated trust gained through the years, Ryu Jin continues an exclusive contract with Blue Dragon Entertainment.

On November 12, Blue Dragon Entertainment announced the renewal of management partnership with the actor.

Ryu Jin

Ryu has been housed by the agency since his rookie days up to when he has gained starring roles. Through mutual and deep trust, the actor and the entertainment agency carry on with future endeavors.

Attracting attention since his debut with his excellent acting skills, Ryu Jin has worked on numerous SBS project. He has been loved by viewers through his versatile skills.

Blue Dragon Entertainment said, “We are very happy to be with Ryu Jin again. Based on the experience and generous support for Ryu Jin, we will try to achieve the best synergy once again. We ask for your interest and love for his future activities.”

Ryu’s notable works include Loving You A Thousand Times, Baby-faced Beauty, A Thousand Kisses and Standby to name a few.

Meanwhile, Blue Dragon Entertainment houses artists such as Lee Hye Young, Lim Ji Gyu, Hwang Hyo Eun and more.

Source: Sports Donga