Se7en To Show His Music Identity In ‘I AM SE7EN’

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Se7en is releasing a new album after 4 years and 8 months since his ‘SE7EN New Mini Album’ in 2012.

His agency, ELEVEN9 Entertainment, revealed that Se7en is releasing his new album titled I AM SE7EN on October 14.

The album is named as I AM SE7EN to show his own music identity, and consists of tracks with different genres. The title track is described to be a dance track with funk element.

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The upcoming release will be the first album since debut that the singer has fully participated in the production, lyrics writing and music composition for all the tracks.

The agency also stated that Se7en is scheduled to go on broadcast activities. However, his appearance on music and variety programs is now under review. His first comeback stage is also yet to be decided.

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