SECRET’s Jeon Hyosung spends time with a snowman

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On December 5th, SECRET‘s leader Jeon Hyosung shared on her Twitter, “Snow is falling. The whole world is white! The sound of snow falling sounds like ‘talk that talk that’. The snowman looked lonely as the snow fell, so sharing umbrella with him. He says he’ll make Talk That be a big hit for me sharing the umbrella with him.

In the photo, Jeon Hyosung is sharing her red heart patterned umbrella with the snowman. Her sweet smile seems to make people want to smile as well. Those who came across the photo said, “It’s my first time I’m jealous of a snowman”, “I’m spending my time alone in the snow too. Please share umbrella with me too”, “Your hands look cold, your heart is very pure Hyosung.”

Source: news and photo-The Star

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