SeeYa’s Lee Boram surprise visit to THE SEEYA’s practice room

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SeeYa‘s member Lee Boram made a surprise visit to THE SEEYA‘s practice room. On November 15th after Lee Boram helped to monitor the debut song for THE SEEYA’s music program, she visited them at their practice room.

Lee Boram stated, “SeeYa is a very big meaning to me. I spent my younger days with it, and it’s a name that game me a lot of strength. SeeYa is a very precious name to me but to be used with such skillful members of THE SEEYA, I’m very happy that the name can be more known.”

At this the members of THE SEEYA responded, “We will always try our best not to lower our seniors SeeYa’s reputation.”

Lee Boram debuted with SeeYa in 2006 singing various songs which include, Woman’s scent (여인의 향기), Shoes (구두), Love’s Greeting (사랑의 인사), Sad Steps (슬픈발걸음),Crazy Love Song (미친 사랑의 노래), His Voice (그 놈 목소리) and many others that received a lot of love enough to receive the ‘rookie award’ on various end-of-the-year award ceremonies during 2006.

THE SEEYA is made of the following 4 members: Oh YeonKyung the powerful vocalist who was part of Brown Eyed Soul‘s album, Song MinKyung who was the female main character for musicals, Heo YoungJu who is capable of singing and acting, lastly Sung YooJin who has very strong vocal skills.

Source: news and photo- The Star

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