Seo Inguk, VIXX, Park Hyoshin & Sung Sikyung: what is the meaning of their gathering?

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Seo Inguk, Park Hyoshin, Sung Sikyung, Lee Seokhun and VIXX of Jellyfish Entertainment have revealed a photo of themselves with hearts and have invoked the curiosity of the public.

On November 22, Jellyfish Entertainment’s artists shared a photo of themselves holding red hearts through their own Twitter pages. In the photo the common thing was the red tie or handkerchief as a point for their black suits, with the mysterious hearts that only say ‘Heart Project’ on them.

An official from Jellyfish Entertainment said:

“More information regarding the Heart Project will be revealed soon. The artists of Jellyfish have joined hearts/minds to prepare a special gift for their fans.”

People who saw the photos said:

“Looking forward to this.”

“I’m so curious what kind of project this is.”

“Jellyfish has all the good looking men.”

“I’ll be ready for the present.”

It has been said that the Heart Project will be revealed in early December.

Sources: (News & Photo) – The Star

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