Seoul Cinematheque’s Construction Begins In Seoul

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Billed to be the center of domestic film industry hub, Seoul Cinematheque is set to be built in Chungmuro

The construction of Seoul Cinematheque, a film culture complex, has started in Chungmu-ro district, Seoul on February 5. Located in Jung-gu district, Chungmu-ro symbolizes the South Korean film industry. The construction was started with an aim to complete by March 2022.

Model Section of Seoul Cinematheque

With a floor area of 4,800㎡, the construction of the complex started on a former public parking lot in Chungmu-ro area. The project will cost 26.5 billion won (US$ 22.36 million), and will feature 10 level above the ground and three level underground. To build the complex, land was provided by Seoul’s Chung Ward.

Seoul Cinematheque will have three theaters of large, medium and small sizes. In the theater, people can watch non-commercial and classic films such as independent and art films.

Seoul Cinematheque Design

Five years ago, the blueprint for the theater was revealed and has been a goal for the local film sector since then. The first and second levels underground can accommodate up to 300 people, while the first and second level above ground will have seats for 150 people.

A medium size theater which can accommodate 200 people will be at the fifth and sixth level above the ground. People can also enjoy an open-air-theater at the roof top which can accommodate up to 150 people.

Seoul Cinematheque Desing

The complex will also house film museum and archives, film media center, café, souvenir shop, bookstore and an elevator facing towards Namsan Mountain. Ordinary people can search old films, rent video equipment and also produce their own movies. A film production class will also be offered there.

Also, The Seoul government said that groundbreaking ceremony for Seoul Cinematheque won’t be held due to the Coronavirus concerns.

Source: Yonhap News

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