Seventeen Challenges Carats With “HIT” Fanchant

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Kpop rappers beware as a new rapper is coming through.

Following the release of their comeback song “HIT”, Seventeen immediately uploaded the official fanchant of their song.


Photo from Seventeen’s Official YouTube

Carats expected that a difficult fan chant would follow the upbeat and high energy song. However, the video caught the fandom off guard as it serves to be more challenging than any other fan chant they have done in the past.

The fun challenge of Seventeen to their fans has always caused jokes among various fandoms. Many comment that Carats are indeed the best rappers for their talent to chant all 13 names of the members in one go.

Carats will surely practice well for their first “HIT” fan chant performance on Seventeen’s comeback stage happening on Friday (August 9) at MCountdown.

You could further support Seventeen in their comeback by streaming the “HIT” music video

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