SF9 & FANTASY: The Second Story Registration Now Open

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SF9 fans, you have 14 days to sign up and become an official Fantasy!

The time has finally come to make it official with SF9! wink

International and domestic fans can now sign up for the boy group’s official fan club recruitment— SF9 & FANTASY: The Second Story.

The website is open starting the 16th of April until the 29th at 12PM local time via Melon Ticket site.


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As a member of  2기FANTASY, you are entitled to special limited goods for registered members.

You will have an official membership card, and discounts when purchasing from FNC STORE and FNC WOW CAFE.

Your membership also gives you priority when making ticket purchases to SF9’s domestic concerts and fan meetings as well as priority as an audience in public broadcasts the k-pop idols will appear in.

After successful registration, one of the few perks a Fantasy member can also get is an SF9 member’s signed Polaroid image by random choosing.

More details about the membership recruitment including the specific steps you have to take upon registration and precautions needed are shared over the group’s fan cafe and will be later released at SF9’s fan club Twitter account.

One of the first few teasers SF9 has given is a Youtube video announcement regarding the end of the 1st Fantasy and the start of the next batch of members.

Three days before the start of registration, the members started to share their excitement over the upcoming recruitment by posting selcas on Twitter to the anticipation of their followers.

The idols have just recently finished its domestic promotions for their 4th mini album Mamma Mia and has also released the music video for their third Japanese single.

The first dance boy group of FNC also completed successful overseas tour last year.

Don’t miss this opportunity Fantasy!

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