SF9 Gears Up For Highly-Anticipated Comeback This July

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FANTASYs, it is now time to prepare your hearts as SF9 will return with another captivating music release next month!

Shortly after making waves during Kingdom: Legendary War, charming boy group SF9 will make their highly-anticipated comeback this coming July!


FNC Entertainment confirmed on June 1 that their prized boy group will be returning to the K-Pop scene in just a few weeks.

“SF9 is working on the final album with the goal of making a comeback in early July,” the agency said. They added that the dazzling group has also finished shooting their album jacket photos as well as the official music video.

Other important details regarding SF9’s iconic return will surely be released in the following days such as the concept, title track, album name and the comeback date.

This will mark SF9’s return since they unveiled their special album Special History Book on October 2020 and its lead single “Shine Together.” The track contains the members’ soft and touching vocals, which can instantly melt any listener’s heart. Its message is also warm, which makes the song a really comforting one, especially during your bad days.

As if these were not enough, the song’s music video has already garnered 7.8 million views on the YouTube platform.


SF9 debuted in 2016 with their first single album Feeling Sensation. The group has nine members namely Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Rowoon, Zuho, Yoo Taeyang, Hwiyoung and Chani.

Proving their amazing artistry, SF9 is part of the amazing line-up of Kingdom: Legendary WarThey recently bagged first place in the third part of the contest, making them a group everyone should continue to look out for.

SF9 reportedly began their tedious preparations for their musical return even before participating n the program. A source from FNC Entertainment mentioned, “They worked on this album for a long time. It will be an album that marks a new beginning.”

With this, expectations are now rising regarding what kind of music the group will show to the world especially after their 2020 song “Good Guy” became on top of everyone’s playlist.

As we all wait for SF9’s return, FANTASYs can anticipate a lot of content from the members. Rowoon is now filming for his upcoming drama Yeonmo, while Inseong will participate in a musical titled Red Book. Dawon is a permanent cast member in Doom at Your Service, while Chani and Hwiyoung are both taking part in the ongoing drama Imitation.

Source: Dispatch and MBN

Photos from FNC Entertainment