SF9’s Rowoon Takes Home Best New Actor Recognition At 2019 Grimae Awards

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SF9’s Rowoon continues to prove the influence of his extraordinary charms as an actor!

SF9’s Rowoon further establishes his name as an extraordinary idol-actor that the industry should watch out for as he receives the Best New Actor award at the recent 2019 Grimae Awards!

sf9 rowoon

The world has witnessed the undeniable impact of the SF9 member with his charming role in the recently-concluded drama Extraordinary You – and this year’s Grimae Awards has also acknowledged that.

Giving well-deserved recognition to Rowoon’s acting chops, the awards show created in 1993 by the Korean Directors of Photography Society (KDPS) bestowed him the Best New Actor award for his unforgettable portrayal of Extraordinary You‘s Haru.

On December 5, Rowoon personally attended the ceremony at the Stanford Hotel in Sangam, Seoul to receive his trophy. “Actually, when I got to be a lead character for the very first time in Extraordinary You, there were many things I learned by watching the lead characters of my seniors in the previous dramas I was in. I was very nervous because I had that huge will to do well,” he admitted in his acceptance speech.

sf9 rowoon

“I think that the staff and my fellow actors helped me transform my nervousness and pressure into happiness. I don’t know if they struggled a lot but I just want to thank them from here once again. I think that this drama will really be lingering in my mind,” he added.

When asked about the differences between actor Rowoon and idol Rowoon, the SF9 member said, “I don’t have much to say about that but if I think carefully about it, while I’m promoting as an idol, I start to think that I’m the coolest but while I’m promoting as an actor, I’m really thinking that I’m nothing special. There are big differences too, but what’s not different is that in both fields, I have to do my best.”

He also posed with Jung Yumi, who won the Best Actress Award for her role in Partners for Justice 2. and Kim Nam Gil, who won the Best Actor award for his role in SBS’s The Fiery Priest.

sf9 rowoon

After the ceremony, the idol-actor also shared photos of him holding up his trophy on his personal Instagram account. “I’ll work harder. Thank you!” he promised fans.

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