SF9’s Rowoon Shows Flawless Charms As Newly-Selected Global Model Of Cosmetics Brand Klavuu

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Sculptured features, fresh visuals, and healthy, flawless skin – SF9’s Rowoon has it all!

SF9’s Rowoon stood out even more with his fresh and natural charms in his first ad-filming cut with cosmetics brand Klavuu as its newest global model!

sf9 rowoon

The very dashing SF9 member has been hailed as the first-ever male advertising model of the cosmetic brand Klavuu, who had personally selected him thanks to his eye-catching charms and appeal!

“Rowoon’s pure and clean image matches well with Klavuu’s brand value which is pursuing clear and transparent beliefs, which is why we chose him as our brand model,” an official from Klavuu shared as they made their official announcement of welcoming the idol-actor into the company.

sf9 rowoon

With his newest designation as the cosmetic brand’s official advertising model, Rowoon will be filming TV commercials and promotional photoshoots. On February 25, the brand unveiled their first promotional video with the idol-actor, who put his pure and fresh charms on the spotlight.

Klavuu is the first Korean brand which utilizes natural pearl, essential oils, and marine plant extracts in the deeply hydrating formula of their products perfect for cleansing and clarifying the skin. Among its top products are various creams from their White Pearlsation Ideal Actress Backstage line.

Currently, the cosmetics brand is actively exporting to various countries in Asia as it expands its overseas distribution network as a rising global brand in addition to establishing its market in Korea.

sf9 rowoon

Recently, Rowoon made his comeback with SF9 through their first full-length album FIRST COLLECTION, headlined by the track “Good Guy”.

Aside from the chart-topping success that the album began the group’s year with, Rowoon also captured the attention of many with his solo venture as an actor in the recently-concluded drama Extraordinary You, where he played the lead character Haru.

Source: Osen| Klavuu