SF9 Sets To Return With Season 2 Of Unique Web Program “LEAGUE OF SFGENDS”

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FANTASY, your favourite program LEAGUE OF SFGENDS from SF9 is finally back for another season!

The boys of SF9 will be competing in planning the most interesting video contents once again with the exciting return of LEAGUE OF SFGENDS.


The group recently announced that they will be booting the second season of their well-loved content web variety show with its main film airing on May 9!

셒전드 or LEAGUE OF SFGENDS is SF9’s variety program which features the members’ own content. The videos go through the entire process of members personally writing and presenting content proposals, which are produced and evaluated after voting by fans.

In the first season of LEAGUE OF SFGENDS which took place in 2018, the boy group drew attention with their proposal presentations which contained a unique aesthetic sense. Moreover, they received enthusiastic feedback from fans for the program’s contents that showed off each member’s diverse personalities, such as skits, workshops, drama parodies, and more.

On May 6, SF9 unveiled their prologue film teasing a new content planning competition through episode 0. Episode 0 featured the members’ voices only as they raised questions about the show’s shift from an individual competition previously to dividing the group into three teams for the new season.

LEAGUE OF SFGENDS will be available through SF9’s official YouTube and V Live channel.

Meanwhile, SF9 released their first full-length album FIRST COLLECTION last January. The group actively experienced a steep rise upon successfully wrapping up their activities, including winning three trophies on music shows with the lead track for FIRST COLLECTION titled “Good Guy.”

Source: Sports Donga | FNC