Shine Kuk of ‘You’re My Foreignay’ Covers 2NE1’s ‘I Love You’

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Quite a cover she recorded.

Despite the disheartening news of 2NE1‘s disbandment last year, fans have shown their never-ending support to the girls. This was proven when a fan recently uploaded a cover of one of their famous tracks.

On December 29, Kuk Son-yong or better known as Shine Kuk uploaded a video of herself, singing 2NE1’s I Love You. In the video, she showed off her vocal talent by singing the song effortlessly. She also displayed her confidence by continuously making eye contacts with the camera, a must when idols perform on stage.

Shine Kuk is a South Korean who rose to fame in the Philippines. In 2014, she joined a contest of a television network called ‘You’re My Foreignay’ and won the grand prize. She also participated in the network’s show by performing and hosting. Furthermore, Shine is currently active in the show business industry in the Philippines.

For her cover, check out the video below:

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