SHINee’s Onew Officially Completes Mandatory Military Service

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Welcome back, SHINee’s Onew!

After one year and seven months of waiting, SHINee’s beloved leader Onew has finally returned after finishing his mandatory military service today.

Back in December 2018, Onew went to the military as an active-duty soldier. He is the first SHINee member to be discharged.

To celebrate his return, SHINee took to its official Twitter account to share the photo of Onew. Fans of the group, also known as Shawols (SHINee world), immediately gave their warm welcome to their beloved idol through social media.

Aside from sharing a commemorative snapshot of his military completion, Onew likewise expressed his gratitude to fans via a hand-written letter.

“SHINee World! How have you been? This is SHINee’s leader Onew. Thank you for waiting for me while I was serving in the military. Let’s try to meet more often! Let’s have fun and sing together for a long time! Thank you!” he wrote in the letter.

Hoping to relay his message to fans better, Onew also recorded an audio message on SHINee’s official webpage.

After quickly greeting fans, he then said, “I wanted to meet and greet you personally on a day like this, but this is how I’m saying hello. Thanks to SHINee World’s support, I was able to finish my service safely and well. I’ll try hard to impress you even more since you waited for me with so much love. Please wait just a little bit more.”

Meanwhile, other SHINee members Minho and Key are currently rendering their respective military services. As of now, no announcement has been made about the enlistment of the group’s maknae Taemin.

Source: Sports Chosun

Photo Credits: SM Entertainment