Shocking evidence show Korean comedian assaulting and dragging his wife

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Evidence of Korean comedian Seo Se-won assaulting his wife and actress Seo Jung-hee have been released by MBC’s Real Story Eye.

The shocking footage from May show Seo Se-won dragging his wife into an elevator as people rush in to help the actress.

Seo Se-won with his wife Seo Jung-hee

Seo Se-won with his wife Seo Jung-hee. Picture: HanCinema

Seo Jung-hee also released a recording of the comedian threatening her.

“Do you know how much money I invested to raise you? You dare do this to me?” He said.

Building security immediately called the police on the request by Seo Jung-hee. She later filed for divorce with her husband.

Seo Se-won, who recently closed a Church he founded, was arrested on the scene but was later released after insisting to the police that he required medicine for high blood pressure and diabetes.

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