Singapore K-Pop fans: LG’s TV app brings Hallyu closer to you

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LG brings Hallyu content to Smart TV with new Arirang TV app


Singapore K-Pop fans, LG Electronics (LG) has a new TV app in store for you!

As the leading English-language television network in Korea, Arirang brings news, entertainments, documentaries, cultural and educational programmes to more than 188 countries worldwide and it has just gotten one step closer to you!

With the new Arirang TV app, CINEMA 3D Smart TV owners will have access to many shows ranging from concerts, music videos to star interviews…and you won’t incur any charges!

For a year, owners get access to live TV (shows aired at real time) and the Hot Clip VOD service (view live programmes , tune in to the radio and watch popular shows on demand on the lower part of the screen while searching VOD content)

To put it simply, the app features a total of 16 programmes constituted under 5 categories- K-Pop, K-Tour, K-Style, K-Topic and News. (Programmes under the K-Pop, K-Topic and News range from Pops in Seoul, Showbiz Korea to Korea Today while the K-Tour and K-Style categories include Arirang Prime, Heart to Heart, Bizline etc.)

To top it off, the Arirang TV app will soon be available in 6 languages come September!

The Arirang TV app is now available in Singapore on the LG Smart World Premium Card for both 2012 and 2013 TV models.

Sources (Picture and News) : SPRG

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